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Media Studies offers students the opportunity to develop their own understanding of a dynamic industry with which they are already very familiar.

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The Media industry is now a massively important part of our new economic landscape. The industry contains a wide variety of jobs which draw upon a many and varied set of skills within its workforce.

Media is an integral part of our every day lives and taking this GCSE could be the first steps along a path which leads to a very exciting career. GCSE Media Studies offers students with an interest in the Media the opportunity to explore several areas of this industry in both creative and analytical ways.

GCSE Media Studies

The course focuses on a variety of different aspects of the Media which may include film, television, radio, the music industry, the Internet, print media and advertising. The course is three years in duration starting in Year 9. The students' progression is assessed through a variety of coursework tasks and tests which enable the students to monitor their own progress and development.

During this year students will explore and analyse a variety of features of Media Studies; from print based texts to the Industry that control Media. Students explore and develop the skills that are necessary for the completion of Controlled Assessment and the External Exam.

OCR GCSE MEDIA STUDIES - B321 Gender in TV Advertising

Studying the media gives you the opportunity to systematically study how media texts are produced, the institutions which produce them and how they create their meanings What will I study? You will read about, watch, hear and discuss different types of media texts and you will produce some of your own.

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You already know a lot about the media, both from school work and from your own general knowledge. You will be learning how to express your ideas about the media in a mature, thoughtful way. The media studied are selected from the following: TV, radio, film, newspapers, magazines, comics, popular music, video, desktop publishing, computer-based interactive technology, photography and advertising.

What will I be required to do? Be prepared to keep an open mind, to be an enthusiastic and supportive member of the class, do all homework and meet course work deadlines. The optional technical and production units enable learners to start building the technical skills and knowledge relevant to an industry or industries in the media sector. Students who complete a BTEC Level 2 Certificate or Extended Certificate will obtain a qualification which will enable progression to further study, training, or employment, and enable them to make informed choices with regard to a career in the creative media sector.

They will also have developed media technology skills that may be applicable in other work situations or will enable them to progress to Level 3 qualifications in other sectors for example, in Art and Design or Music Technology.

It can be said that no art or communication form is as influential, powerful or prolific in the modern era as the art of Moving Images. It allows students the opportunity to use up to the minute technology to develop their creativity, management skills, organisational skills and there ability to work with others. The main strength of this course is that by the end of year 14, students will have made two short films.

GCSE Media Studies Grade 9 Coursework: XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores