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But Didion made something entirely new of familiar sentiments. And yet she is perhaps best known for her work in the genre. I am always writing to myself. We begin with one from Vogue :. Didion has maintained a vigorous presence at the New York Review of Books since the late seventies, writing primarily on politics. Below are a few of her best known pieces for them:.

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Didion continues to write with as much style and sensitivity as she did in her first collection, her voice refined by a lifetime of experience in self-examination and piercing critical appraisal. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. To support Open Culture's continued operation, please consider making a donation.

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Email required. Click here to cancel reply. Some are experimental -- odd layouts and stark imagery. Others are traditional -- short stories, snapshots in time. The essays here cover everything from abuse, to addiction, to love, to death, and everything in between. People recognize Huffington Post for their news, primarly, They also recognize it for clickbait, lists, cheesy lifehacks, and fluff pieces.

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If you to go the Huffington Post Blog, you'll surely find a lot of that. But I really encourage you to dig deeper under a sub-topic that interests you.

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If you have a little patience, you're bound to find some truly amazing short essays. Salon is another enormously popular publication that's very easy to overlook for its creative writing. Head over to Salon's Life section and you'll find a smattering of news and hot takes on pop culture, American issues, and the like. But a few times a week, or even less, they'll publish a truly mind blowing first-person essay. We're talking hard-hitting, emotional stuff -- typically, it gently ties in to some sort of broader cultural concern.

Obesity and bullying. LGBT issues. You have to seek out these essays. They really are the best of the best. Thoughtfully written, extremely well-crafted, and well-worth your time. It's kind of hard to get a bead on exactly what it is at first. It's definitely an artsy place -- teeming with poetry and book reviews and interviews with notable writers.

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