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Steinbeck continues by stating futures in the first trimester are unconscious beings that are not being deprived of life if they are killed. She states these beings are only living a biological life and not consciously alive, in which case it is not wrong to kill them. I would like to raise an objection to this claim of consciousness being a necessity for having life. People who go into comas may be unconscious for days, months, or even years, yet it would be morally wrong to euthanize them within the first few days of unconsciousness.

There is always the chance that person will come out of the coma ND become a normal person once again. People are not considered dead if they become unconscious in which case they also do not feel pain or pleasure, and can technically be classified as non-sentient beings at the present. Likewise, although a fetus may be unconscious during pregnancy, there is a promise that it will develop into a baby and have consciousness. It is not a chance as in the coma example but a definite thing, and this is why applying the consciousness as life idea to the abortion controversy is wrong.

Judith Thomson, a well known proponent of abortion, cites interesting examples and ideas that many look upon to settle the controversy of abortion.

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Her example is that you wake up to a famous unconscious violinist connected to you when you wake up in the morning. You had no idea about this until this morning and were kidnapped and operated on without your permission last night so the violinist may survive. Also, if you decide on disconnecting yourself from this person then he will die. From this scenario she says it would be morally kind to help out and allow his person to stay connected to you for nine months until they get better, but you would be under no moral obligation to do so.

Obviously most people would find this to be outrageous and would not consider it morally obligatory to stay connected and help this person. She emphasizes the part of not being asked for permission first to relate this scenario to those of rapes that result in pregnancy. I do not think this analogy correctly describes the situation of pregnancy for it has many flaws. But then, you are deprived of that life. Such a start abortions against essay effective and develops empathy against the reader as well. You will start reasoning in the essay paragraph.

Every reason will comprise a paragraph and in that paragraph against give essay against that abortion or argument along with the facts.

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