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Choose one theme from the list below and create a presentation on how Lee develops this theme.

To kill a mockingbird essay

Your presentation should express a theme statement putting a theme topic from the list into a complete sentence , organize your support topically, and use key citations from the text. Remember that a presentation is organized like an essay each slide is like a paragraph with a main idea and supporting details , but should not look like an essay. There should be no paragraphs on the slides and few complete sentences.

You need not write out what you are going to say in advance as long as you remember why the key words and phrases are important. You will be graded on how well you analyze the development of one theme, include textual evidence, and organize your presentation. For example, the author might use silly words and an irreverent or sarcastic tone to make fun of a subject. Support your thesis by selecting relevant examples from To Kill a Mockingbird and analyzing them with word choice vocabulary.

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In analyzing each, make sure that you are using a variety of word choice terms:. NOTE: You could also have students organize their essay by focusing on three or more of the topics above and writing a section or paragraph for each. You will be graded on how well you select key examples of word choice, analyze the word choice, and use word choice terms.

Common Core standards: Reading Literature 1 citing textual evidence , Reading Literature 4 word choice , and Reading Literature 5 structure. Harper Lee decided to split To Kill a Mockingbird into two parts. Why did she do this?

The Quotes about Racism in “To Kill a Mockingbird”

One reason is because the moods of the two parts are different. Write an essay comparing the mood of the first part of the novel to the mood of the second part of the novel. Authors create mood through their use of word choice and structure. Make sure to include textual evidence in each of your body paragraphs to support your ideas.

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You will be graded on how well you explain mood by analyzing word choice, structure, and textual evidence. Common Core standards: Reading Literature 2 theme development , Speaking and Listening 4 organize findings , and Speaking and Listening 6 formal presentation.

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Harper Lee uses literary symbols to develop her themes. Choose one symbolic element from the list and create a presentation analyzing its use. Review the textual evidence from To Kill a Mockingbird regarding your selected symbol and reach a conclusion about which theme is being developed and how Lee uses the symbol. Make sure that you organize your findings into clear and informative slides. Include visuals and citations quotes to aid understanding.

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You will be graded on how well to explain the development of the theme, organize your information into informative slides, and present with a formal tone and voice. Common Core standards: Reading literature 6 point of view , Reading Literature 2 theme development , and Writing 2C transitions. Hypocrisy is ironic by definition:. Use examples of irony from To Kill a Mockingbird and identify how Lee uses the different points of view to make a point theme. Related link: Transition words and phrases. You will be graded on how well you explain the irony shown through point of view, make connections to themes, and use transitions in your writing.

Note: This To Kill a Mockingbird final task requires some material preparation. The teacher should provide blank plot maps and a lot of different colored papers. Common Core standards: Reading Literature 5 structure , Reading Literature 3 interacting elements , and Writing 2D precise language and vocabulary.

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Your group will create a plot diagram for one plot within To Kill a Mockingbird. After completing your work, your teacher will assign your group one color of paper. Decide which chapters of the novel include your assigned plot and write each chapter number on one colored paper. What he was described as was not true. But now Boo Radley is described as a normal shy person that keeps to himself.

To Kill A Mockingbird Sample Essay

He is not a mean squirrel eating monster. Boo Radley is a shy and very caring, nice person. Downloading text is forbidden on this website. You can get this essay on your email.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This material is available only on Freebooksummary. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Thank You! This novel takes place in the 's in a typical southern society. Once Atticus chooses to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, Scout faces many challenges and she discovers numerous facts about life. Throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird Scout grows up and learns that one should not be prejudiced toward others, the true meaning of courage, and that it is wrong to harm the innocent and kind Free Essays words 3.

The story of the novel teaches us many lessons that should last any reader for a lifetime. The messages that Harper Lee relays to the reader are exemplified throughout the book using various methods.

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One of the most important and significant methods was the use of symbols such as the mockingbird image. Another important method was showing the view through a growing child's Scout Finch mind, eyes, ears, and mouth Free Essays words 4 pages. It tells the story of a court case when a black man gets accused of raping a white woman.

The black man, Tom Robinson is defended by the a lawyer called Atticus Finch. Atticus is one of the few people in Maycome who have a bit of money an can read and write very well. The inevitable outcome of the case was that the Black man was sentenced to death To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Need Writing Help? Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay - Would you be the same person you are today if you had lost innocence and realized harsh realities at the age of nine.

Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essays - Over the past decades the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee has been taught to American students anywhere from seventh grade to twelfth, credited as a story with themes such as coming of age, discrimination and justice, all of which might appeal to young adults.

Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee Essay - The power of childhood innocence reveals more about one another than any other force in nature.